Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The DCL has a few ground rules we rarely break. First, brunch will be a prix fixe with unlimited mimosas, belinis and bloody mary's. Second, it will cost less than $30 (bonus points if we keep it under $20). And third, dress classy.

Sette has served us well, not only do they have mimosas and belinis, but they also have a pomegranate/champagne mixer that seems to have no official name, so I call it the melograno (Italian for pomegranate). If you're nice to the waiter you can get a little more champagne in your otherwise weak-ass drink (you'll get full before you get drunk). The space is beautiful, simple wood beams and and exposed brick and a giant window so people can see the most powerful clique in Brooklyn.

The food is good. There was some question about the Spinach salad with poached pears, pecans & gorgonzola cheese and how the pears looked like large tonges. The Balsamic figs & prosciutto is really too rich for me which is painful, cuz I love nothing more than figs and prosciutto. So I recommend the Roasted beet salad with hazelnuts & goat cheese it's clean and comforting and everyone of the girls agrees it's the best starter. No main dish pops out, they're all very good. My only major complaint about Sette is that they have no hollandaise sauce. They top their "benedict" with some strange tomato-based nonsense.


The DCL class of 2008

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